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Magnet Ltd

Magnet Ltd. started as a Magnetic Material Manufacturer in 1986, and began to produce Magnetic Premiums and got involved in the Promotional premium and Gift & Souvenir industries in 1997. With the fast growing of the company, we rapidly expanded into other Premium Product lines in 2004 and provide Premium Product Solutions to customers, which are suitable for client's annual promotional plan and within their budget.

With our strong R&D Capacities in Magnetic Materials, we developed a new, thin and light -weight Ferrous Sheet Materials in 2007, using the unique features of the new material, we developed a series of Magnetic Product Solutions including Magnetic Children's book, Magnetic Educational Play set, and Magnetic Greeting Card. Our Product Solutions bring a lot of new features, functions and values to those products which are impossible by the tradition materials and production technics. When we introduced our solutions to the market in 2008, our solutions were highly acknowledged and accepted by clients at once. Our most satisfied clients including the leading Packagers, Publishers and Brands in the Children's Educational Industry all over the world.

Magnet Ltd. is now not only a Manufacturer, but also a Professional Magnetic Solution Provider. We focus on industry and customer's needs research and analysis, and provide Product Solution to assist our customers to turn a product concept into reality, diversify their product line, and improve their core competitive. We are currently specializing in serving the industries including Promotional Industry, Children's Educational Industry, Greeting Card Industry and Gift , Novelty& Souvenir Industry etc.

Creativity and Solution is the core competitive of Magnet Ltd. We will keep our core competitive and continue to provide high value services to our customers.


電話: (852) 2782 7186

傳真: (852) 2780 7161

地址: Room 610-615, Genesis Business Center Building,Add:Room 702, Hollywood Plaza, 610 Nathan Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong




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