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Pointers Pharma Ltd

Pointers Pharma Ltd. is a healthcare subsidiary under the Pointers Group, which is a distribution & trading company with almost 20 years of history and experiences. With our base in Hong Kong, we are led to innovate by a team of healthcare professionals including pharmacists. We continue to deliver quality, clinically proven and evidence-based healthcare products to our local regional Hong Kong, Macau and China markets.

The collective experience of our team comprise of rich distribution networks. As a distributor and brand representative, we are well-structured with specialty sectors in the following distribution channels - pharmacies, clinics, health stores, grocery chains, wholesale dealings and veterinary supplies.

Together, we operate as a multi-disciplinary team and represent our global partners in launching, distributing and building their brands in our designated regions to generate business success.


地址: Room 3509 Cable TV Tower, 9 Hoi Shing Road, Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong

電話: (852) 2722 1235

傳真: (852) 2722 1438




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