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Golden Sun Housewares Manufacturing Ltd

Golden Sun Housewares Manufacturing Ltd. is a Hong Kong based sole proprietorship founded by Mr. Kwok Kang-sang in 1967 specialising in stainless steel and plastic houseware production. In 1986, Mr. Kwok moved the manufacturing base to He Ao, Heng Gang of Shenzhen in China to further develop his business. Over the past 11 years, Golden Sun has evolved into one of the largest houseware manufacturers and exporters in Hong Kong with average sales over US$ 16.5 million annually.

Our phenomenal success is attributed to our persistence in producing the best kitchen utensils. To do so, we have employed 950 full-time staff, each and all of them are expertise in their own specialized field. Their distinguished professionalism has ensured our products, from design, craftmanship to quality, are always among the finest.

The tremendous success of Golden Sun is attributed to the efforts of Mr. Kwok and devoted services from our employees. We shall strive to maintain our leading position and dedicate ourselves in making the finest houseware of the world.


地址: 8/F, Chiu Tat Ind Bldg, 110 King Fuk St, Sanpokong, Kln, Hong Kong

電話: (852) 2328 3333

傳真: (852) 2352 1543




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