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Edu-Science (HK) Limited

Edu-Science (HK) Limited, or “ESL”, is a comprehensive Designer, Developer, Manufacturer and Marketer of Educational and Experimental Toys products. Through our trademark Edu-Toys, our goal is to become the leading brand and provider for quality and affordable scientific toys. Headquartered in Hong Kong and with product development and production facility in China, Edu-Science owns a highly vertically-integration operation that prides its ability to take a product idea and transform into a saleable product in smooth and timely manner. Every toy we developed was a result of rigorous design and stringent testing.

With years of experience in product development, Edu-Science has evolved from a small local toy company to one having strong distribution channels across the world. Our wide range of products spans from optical items to experimental electronics kits, from anatomical to globes, helping children explore the world from outer space to the land they live in (and other things living on it!) By collaborating with other licensed brands and innovating ways to manufacture toys to ensure the continual safety of our children, Edu-Science is focused on bringing the best retail values to our customers and the maximum play (and educational) values to our important users. It is our goal to help kids create new worlds.


電話: (852) 2315 9300

傳真 (852) 2355 7663

地址: Suite M-Q, 12th Floor, Kings Wing Plaza 2, 1 On Kwan St. Shek Mun, Shatin, N.T., Hong Kong




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