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Justin Material Supplies & Trading Co., Ltd

作為一家代理多種優質產品及提供專業諮詢服務的公司,榮潮行以 “立足香港、背靠祖國、面向海外” 為戰略方針,充分發揮香港在貿易、投資和資訊等方面的優勢,積極進取不斷拓展,在行業中建立了良好的聲譽,也取得了不菲的業績。

隨著公司業務的多元化擴展,從1993年起, 先後在上海及廣州等地開設了辦事處,藉凝聚長江三角洲及珠江三角洲經濟地區發展中心之優勢,通過發揮榮潮行的潛能成為商機;近期,更得到上海纜慧檢測技術有限公司(ISTCW)的支持,向港澳電線電纜的用戶提供第三方國際認可的電線電纜檢測服務,故障分析及狀態評估, 以及技術規範研發服務。再加上董事長擁有四十年銷售電線電纜的經驗,成為日本藤倉(FUJIKURA)港澳獨家代理。此外, 公司藉投資建立中外合資企業--雙塔集團吳江特種光電線纜廠。

而針對環保節能市場,公司與本土品牌”MicroLED”~專做LED照明系列~合作, 又從日本引進先進環保節能技術, 創立了“ele half”環保節能品牌! 近期公司亦與深圳市吉邁克環保科技有限公司”JIMCO KPC”合作, 推廣由丹麥進口UV-C新技術應用於廚房油煙和空氣淨化設備。

公司擁有經驗豐富且精通英語、日語、普通話及粵語的管理人才,並瞭解各地不同文化背景、傳統理念及商貿宗旨等的經貿人才,從而對拓展國際貿易發展起了很大的作用, 積極尋找合作夥伴!

地址: 香港九龍觀塘鴻圖道60號, 鴻福工廠大廈11字樓A室

電話: (852) 2575-1389

傳真: (852) 2838-5221


As a multi-functional comprehensive company, JMST not only works as an agent for selling high quality products but also provides professional consultant service. “Based in Hong Kong, Support from Mainland China, Facing towards worldwide” is our business strategy. Taking the advantage in the area of trading, investment and information within Hong Kong, JMST works aggressively and develops continuously, thus build up a good reputation and making great achievement in the corresponding industries.

In order to take advantage of development in the Southern & Eastern China, JMST has set up offices in Shanghai and Guangzhou since 1993. We get fully support from “Shanghai Intelligent Service and Technology Co., Ltd.” (ISTCW), a third party international accredited wire & cable testing laboratory offering testing services, consulting services, supervision services and technical services for all kinds of wires and cables. Together with over 40 years sales experiences of wires and cables, JMST is the sole agent of FUJIKURA JAPAN in Hong Kong and Macau. Furthermore, JMST is one the largest shareholders of Suzhou Rondu Special Wire Factory.

Since 2014, JMST has diversified business into energy saving and environmental friendly products such as “MicroLED” LED Lighting, Heat Insulation Window Film (our own registered brand: “ele half”), “JIMCO KPC” UV-C and Ozone Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Purification System and so on. All products have been widely adopted in both private and public sectors in Hong Kong, Macau and China.

JMST has experienced managerial experts who are proficient in English, Japanese, Mandarin and Cantonese. With well understanding of different countries cultural, background and business behaviours, we can help you to explore the international market. We are looking forward to searching good partners to cooperate with us!




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